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A Healthy Mouth Starts With Regular Cleanings

Having your teeth cleaned regularly by a dental provider is essential for good oral health, and Frank Trundle DDS in Chattanooga, TN offers bi-annual cleaning as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). Dental insurance providers cover cleanings twice a year because the evidence is clear that keeping up with these regular appointments reduces the need for more complicated and extensive dental procedures. The first step to good health is always prevention. Contact us today to schedule your bi-annual cleaning.

person in dentist chair answering questions

Benefits of Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings

While you brush and floss at home, paying attention to how your teeth and gums feel is essential. However, some dental problems can start small and go undetected before they’re visible or cause discomfort. Your annual cleaning and checkup allow the dentist to look for minor issues before they become more significant.

Additional Benefits of Annual Cleanings

A Cleaner Mouth

Even if you’re a person who brushes and flosses after every meal, bi-annual cleanings are still recommended. As trained and educated dental providers, we have the knowledge and expertise to look for things you won't see in your mouth. Plus, our professional equipment attacks tartar and plaque more effectively.

Gum Disease Prevention

All the flossing and brushing in the world isn’t quite enough to remove every last bit of tartar. Tartar is a leading cause of gingivitis, and seeing us twice a year ensures we can remove those stubborn spots that your brush or floss can’t get to.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. The food you eat and beverages you drink all play a role in your health. This includes the bacteria that are in your mouth. In an unhealthy mouth, bacteria can enter the bloodstream through cavities, leading to poor vascular health.

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning With Us Today

Bi-annual teeth cleaning at Frank Trundle DDS in Chattanooga, TN covers all the essential points for good health. We’ll perform a physical exam of your mouth, remove plaque and tartar with our specialized dental tools, polish your teeth with professional-grade toothpaste, and floss in between your teeth. Depending on your age and how frequently you see us, it may also involve other services, such as X-rays or fluoride treatments. We’ll always make sure you get the services you need for a healthy smile.

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