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A Trusted Family Dentist in Chattanooga, TN

The team at Frank Trundle DDS is here to partner with you for experienced and valuable general dentistry services in Chattanooga, TN. We provide care in a safe and sterile environment with preventive services for all ages that minimize the risk of teeth and gum complications. This type of approach reduces the need for other restorative care. We are locally owned and operated to provide the most attentive services, whether it’s your first visit, or your family has been seeing us for care over the years. We help educate our clients on the importance of good dental habits to empower them to take control of their oral health.

Find a Dental Care Service for You

The primary purpose of general dentistry services is to reduce the possibility of situations that cause discomfort or lead to restorative services, such as a root canal or treatment for tooth decay. Due to contributing factors such as genetics, health history, and diet, sometimes those instances are unavoidable. However, everyone can stay ahead of most health concerns with proactive dental visits, and we offer everything you need right here.

Make Regular Visits Part of Your Dental Plan

While the ADA recommends bi-annual cleanings for every patient, you’ll find that dental insurance providers support this too, and include bi-annual cleanings in coverage. Starting with this plan, you can stay ahead of dental complications and receive the general services you need regularly for a healthy set of teeth. Of course, if you should experience any discomfort, redness, or an accident that affects your mouth in between your cleanings, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible for an appointment to address any issues.

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