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Emergency Dentistry in Chattanooga, TN

Frank Trundle DDS is a trusted source for emergency dental services and same-day appointments in Chattanooga, TN. Since you can never plan when you’ll need emergency care, we offer flexible scheduling to get you in as soon as possible to provide treatment and services. Time is essential to repair damaged or broken teeth, and proper treatment will reduce pain and discomfort. Responding quickly is an integral part of our emergency services. If you’re having a dental emergency, contact us immediately.

person with tooth pain

Urgent Dental Care Services

Contact our office immediately if you’re experiencing abnormal pain, swelling, redness, or bleeding. We’ll help determine the severity of the issue, address your concerns, and schedule you promptly. Some emergencies may cause sudden pain or swelling. Others may develop slowly but worsen over time. Traumatic injuries and accidents are another common reason for emergency services. Whatever your situation is, we’ll treat the matter urgently. Our emergency services are here for:

A Dental Team Committed to Your Health & Safety

Frank Trundle DDS in Chattanooga, TN offers urgent dental care and same-day appointments for new and existing patients to treat a variety of teeth and mouth emergencies. Tooth and gum pain can be excruciating, and when nerves in teeth are exposed or damaged, the pain won’t go away on its own. The discomfort hinders your ability to eat healthily, drink hot and cold liquids, and it can lead to other complications. Our emergency dental services are available, so you can get the relief you need immediately. For issues related to your teeth and gums, a trained and experienced dentist is your best option for care to deliver the right results. Contact us for urgent dental care today.

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